Past Newsletters

Souper, Super Bowl Party

Chili, hot dogs and dessert for all By Asha Beh NBC Washington

Celebrating Frienship

February 2009 newsletter: The way to a man's heart, Celebrating new life, Superbowl festivities, and Finding a future in the kitchen

Celebrating Honor and Dignity

April 2009 newsletter: Commencing to a new life, Our shelter is our priority, Balloons and dignity, and A summer break from the city

Mission Launches Campaign for Compassion

Central Union Mission recently unveiled its 125th Anniversary Campaign for Compassion. The campaign is designed to encourage public service and support for Washington's poor, homeless, hungry, addicted and friendless.

125th Anniversary Campaign for Compassion

September 2009 newsletter: Campaign for Compassion website, 125 years of compassion, 125 years 125 stories, and Major campaign events