James Terry

James Terry left the Mission 16 years ago with his addiction cured, but recently after losing his job, he ended up back out on the streets. He decided that he needed to return to the Mission that helped him long ago.

The Mission is helping him pull himself together; God gives him day jobs, and he can save money for his children. He says, "God is teaching me to be obedient; it's not about me, it's God doing things through me."

James has a special role as an encourager among the other Overnight Guests. He says that "The other guys notice and ask me questions about Christ. They know I'd give them the shirt off my back." He recently organized the men to repaint the "day room," the basement room where guests wait after signing in for the night. More rooms await their hard work.

James is convinced that Central Union Mission is "a very special place," where he's trusting God and getting the support he needs to regain his footing in life.