Men's Ministry Programs

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Men who arrive at the Mission on a daily basis for a hot meal and shelter are accommodated in our Overnight Guest program. Their beds are reserved through our daily intake process, which occurs from 1:00pm to 6:00 pm. They can stay for 30 days initially and then are placed on a 15-day- in/15-day-out rotation to encourage them to find permanent housing. We offer them many wrap-around services and programs to help them achieve independence. The men are also encouraged to enroll in other Men’s Ministry programs. 


STP is a residential rehabilitation program created to free men from the control of drugs, alcohol and other destructive behavior by establishing an active relationship with Jesus Christ. The program can accommodate 50 students in systematic Bible study, biblical counseling, regular drug testing and work therapy. Classes and tutoring in reading, writing, math, job readiness and computer skills are also provided. After completing the STP, men enter a Transition Period where they seek employment and are mentored through a gradual transition back into the community. We enable restoration of family relationships and a strong relationship with a mentor church to help deter relapse and ensure the graduate's continued growth and accountability.

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The following opportunities are available to men who receive Mission assistance as guests of the Mission:

Work Program

The Work Program provides assistance to men who are currently employed full-time but have no place to live. They receive a reserved bed for 90 days initially and are required to save 50 percent of their net earnings on a cumulative basis each payday. This savings is used to secure their permanent housing after leaving the Work Program.

Veterans Program

The Veterans Substance Abuse and Recovery Program (SARP) memorandum of understanding (MOU) is an arrangement with the Veterans Administration (VA) to provide temporary housing for up to six veterans in the VA treatment program while their VA transitional housing is arranged. A veteran’s average stay at the Mission is two to four weeks.

Work Therapy Program

The Work Therapy Program provides ten guests the opportunity to work part-time supporting Mission-related work activities. The men receive minimum wage for their services and build their job skills and references. Their beds are reserved for up to a year, and they are required to seek full-time employment and permanent housing by the end of their term. They are required to save 50 percent of their earnings each payday. They may also be considered for transition to the Mission’s Ready2Succeed Workforce Development or other programs.

So Others Might Eat (SOME) Program

By memorandum of understanding with fellow nonprofit SOME, men receive temporary shelter at the Mission while SOME serves them during the day and seeks a place for them in one of SOME’s safe houses. Guests from SOME receive a reserved bed for the duration of their stay, which is typically three to four weeks.

Special Circumstances Program

The Special Circumstances Program assists those who do not qualify for other Central Union Mission programs but are in need of short-term residential services and support. Participants must be involved in a productive activity that will lead to self-sufficiency, such as school, training or part-time employment. Examples of individual goals include housing, employment, literacy, GED or External Diploma, vocational opportunities and money management and accountability.

Extended Support Program

Extended Support Program participants struggle with mental illness, cognitive impairment and/or physical impairment and are without family or other caretaker resources. Individuals are assessed and deemed eligible based on the Mission’s ability to support appropriately their level of care as well as their motor and cognitive skill level. When feasible, the Mission assists them with obtaining health and income benefits and suitable employment.