James LeBlanc

The man that commits himself to Central Union Mission's Spiritual Transformation Program can find himself in places he never dreamed of. James LeBlanc is a recent STP grad who is thriving at Washington Bible College. With A's in all of his classes, he is now in his second semester working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Bible Studies with a concentration in Christian Counseling.

James LeBlanc A Berkeley, CA, native, James ended up at Central Union Mission in 2007 to recover from his addiction. He graduated from the STP in February 2009, and David Treadwell, Mission Executive Director, saw potential. "I wasn't thinking about school at all, but Mr. Treadwell gave me the push I needed and helped me apply," explained James. "He gives me pep talks when I see him."

James is thinking about pursuing his Masters to have more career options; he is considering being a chaplain, a youth counselor or maybe having a private practice. He is grateful to the Mission and its donors for putting him on this new path: "I got some straight talk, and that's what I respect."