Franks Story

It is only by the grace of God and the support of Central Union Mission that I am here today as a resident of Gospel Mission House. 

In early 2013 I had an extended hospital stay; what should have been routine was anything but. I was released from the hospital to discover my landlord had changed the locks and moved all of my belongings into storage. I had nowhere to go, so I went to my neighborhood shelter, Central Union Mission. There I received the spiritual, emotional and physical tools I needed to start to rebuild my life, as well as early breakfast and bus tokens to get to twice-weekly dialysis. 

Because of the Special Circumstance Program, I didn’t have to worry about a bed to sleep in, and I could focus on getting a job and attending to my well-being. I was given referrals to jobs, other needed program supports, legal assistance and encouragement to find a new career—not just a job. I’ve been at Gospel Mission House for almost a year, and I began a job as a mail clerk. 

One day I took it upon myself to edit a law document, and the rest is history! I now have a career as a document specialist at the same prestigious law firm that took on my lawsuit pro bono for wrongful eviction. Because of my dedication and hard work, I have been encouraged to pursue an advanced career in the legal field. Additionally I am able to assist other men to earn a little money by being document couriers. I am honoring the blessings God has given me and fine-tuning my independent living skills so that I will again become self-sufficient and live on my own.