Everett Jenkins

I came into the Mission not knowing what my next move was going to be. I passed this place by many times and never knew what the Mission was all about. Then I found myself homeless and in need of everything. Central Union Mission welcomed me in; that is when I started to really see what I had in life.

My stay started as an overnight guest, then I began doing the outreach special services program. In January 3, 2011, I became a STP student. This was a way for me to get in touch with God and myself. The Mission has been good to me, providing shelter, clothes and food as well as helping me toward getting my GED and Food Handlers license and starting job training.

Central Union Mission provides much more to the community with everyone in need coming to the front doors. Words can't say everything that the Mission has done. It has been a mighty long road of sin for me, so it is time for the way I am today. Walking and talking God's Word, going down the path of righteousness for Jesus Christ and all the changes in me are because of the STP program at Central Union Mission. Going to Camp Bennett was the biggest change I had in my life spiritually. You can find peace and comfort of mind there, more time for reading your Bible and fellowship with God and the other brothers there with you. Thank you to all the staff and all of the Mission family. Yes, again, thank God for the Mission and this program.